Information about Gecko IPTV Player

Important Update Regarding Gecko IPTV App Activation Issues

We are reaching out to inform you about a critical issue regarding the activation of the Gecko IPTV App following the expiration of the trial period. Numerous users have encountered difficulties activating the app even after completing the payment for activation.

Regrettably, our attempts to communicate with the app developer have thus far gone unanswered. In light of this, we strongly advise all customers to refrain from using the Gecko IPTV app until we receive a response from the developer.

If you have purchased the app through the App Store or Google Play and faced challenges activating the app license, we recommend requesting a refund directly from the respective platform. This ensures that the developer of Gecko IPTV can promptly refund your payment for the app.

As an alternative, we suggest considering the following reputable IPTV apps:

PLAYER IPTV: Link to PLAYER IPTV Support (https://iptvsupportcenter.zohodesk.eu/portal/en/kb/articles/player-iptv)
IBOPLAYER: Link to IBOPLAYER Support (https://iptvsupportcenter.zohodesk.eu/portal/en/kb/articles/ibo-player-5-2-2022)
NANOMID: Link to NANOMID Support (https://iptvsupportcenter.zohodesk.eu/portal/en/kb/articles/nanomid-iptv)

Best regards,
Streamy IPTV Support Team