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Update – 29.05.2023 / 22:28


Barfota Rop (2023)

Top Dog – S02E04

Lets Dance 2023 (SE) – S01E11

The Equalizer (US) – S03E18

Sommerdahl – S04E04

FBOY Island Danmark – S01E10

Efterretningstjenesten s01e01-s01e02

The Swarm – S01E02

Accused – S01E10

Succession – S04E10

Fear the Walking Dead (US) – S08E03


Update – 29.05.23 / 16:00

Attention TV2 Play Users!

Problem with TV2 Play channels has been resovled.


Update – 29.05.23 / 15:48

Attention TV2 Play Users!

We are aware of the current issue with accessing certain channels on TV2 Play. Rest assured, our team is actively working on resolving this problem for you. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.


Update – 28.05.2023 / 08:36


Andra Avenyn s01-s03

Robinson 2023 (SE) – S01E51

Sex Actually with Alice Levine – S02E03

The Swarm – S01E01

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal – S01E05

Spy/Master – S01E03

100 Years of Warner Bros s01e01-s01e02


Update – 27.05.2023 / 18:53


Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies – S01E09


Tin & Tina (2023)

Silo –

Citadel – S01E06

Silo – S01E05

Ted Lasso – S03E11

A Town Called Malice – S01E05 – Cruel Summer

Blood & Gold (2023)

Masked Singer Sverige (2023) – S01E09

Enock – Tough Love (2023)


Update – 26.05.2023 / 16:37


Benjamin’s – S03E06

Andra akten (2023)

The Portable Door (2023)

Chicago Med (US) – S08E22

Chicago Fire (US) – S11E22

Palmemordet – den stora mörkläggningen s01e1-2

Flykten till Östermalm – S01E08


Update – 26.05.2023 / 13:44

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Update – 25.05.2023 / 20:56

We hear you! 75% of you voted that you would like updates on new series and films here in the channel. We are going to test this for a few days, then we will see if it is something we continue with. We are also afraid that there may be a bit too much noise in the main channel. We’ll try it for a few days, then we’ll make another assessment.

New series and films added today:

John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) ENG-DK Sub

Tina & Bettina 2 – The Comeback (2023)

Disquiet (2023)

Two Sides of the Abyss – S01E06 – High Fens

Paradise Hotel (2023) – S01E28

The Blacklist – S10E13

S.W.A.T. (US) – S06E22


Love Again (2023)

Mrs. Davis – S01E08 – The Final Intercut: So I’m Your Horse

Robinson 2023 (SE) – S01E49

Will Trent (US) – S01E11 – Bill Black

Lundellhuset – Sveriges lyxigaste bygge – S05E04

Paradise Hotel (2023) – S01E30

German Genius s01e01-s01e02

Victim/Suspect (2023)

Hard Feelings (2023)

Snag (2023)

Alert: Missing Persons Unit – S01E04

Fatal Attraction – S01E04

The Clearing – S01E01 – s01e02

Law & Order: Organized Crime – S03E21

Grey’s Anatomy – S19E18

Robinson 2023 (SE) – S01E50

Elitstyrkans hemligheter – S03E08


Update – 25.05.2023 / 20:52

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